On Page Search Engine Optimization Made Simple

On Page Search Engine Optimization is Not Rocket Science

You're going to learn a simple 4-point on page search engine optimization formula that will integrate all your on page search engine optimization activities and give them meaning and purpose. When you know the common sense reason for accomplishing a complicated task, it becomes easier and you may find yourself coming up with more unique creative solutions--because you understand the purpose behind your actions.

On page search engine optimization refers to optimization on your website. Off page search engine optimization refers to optimization across the internet. I've integrated elements of both in this article.

I've viewed a lot of on page search engine optimization infographics claiming to explain the best practices, processes and procedures of on page search engine optimization, but these leave me confused because there is no clear integration of tasks. So I created this simple chart.

On Page Search Engine Optimization Formula
On Page Search Engine Optimization Formula
Let's talk on page search optimization common sense. First of all, the internet search engines are businesses that exist to make money. No problem with that, we're businesses too. How do they make their money? When people buy ads on the search engines. Why would people buy ads on the search engines? Because there is traffic, many viewers who will see the ads. Why are there viewers? Because the search engines give those viewers relevant, valuable, original information that is quickly accessible. 

Think about it. When you google "dog training Las Vegas" and instantly on page one you see ten high quality dog trainers in Las Vegas, that's a good sign. If those page one dog trainers have beautifully functioning websites that are packed with the information you need, that's another good sign. If the information on that site is helpful, current, and you view their online reputation, it's excellent that's another great sign. Finally, when you call them and they actually exist, are helpful and deliver the services you need, you're going to thank that search engine that showed you those fine businesses. And you're going to show your appreciation by going back to that search engine every time you need to find a business service. And as you go back again and again you increase the use of that search engine. The search engine can then tell local businesses that there are many views. The dog trainers will work hard to stay on page one because it is bringing them business. And, if they fall off of page one guess what? They may likely buy ads on that search engine! Bingo! 

Search engines exist to sell ad space, need to attract viewers to sell ad space and only attract viewers when viewers get quality results on page one.

Now come the 4 crucial on page search engine optimization questions. The search engines ask these questions of every business that competes for placement on page one. If you can answer these 4 questions better than all the other businesses in your profession niche, you will end up on search engine page 1.
  1. Is your content Relevant to the search engine viewers inquiry?
  2. Will your content be Valuable to the viewer?
  3. Is your content Original or are you the type of business that simply copies others without coming up with anything new and unique?
  4. Is your website easily Accessible?
Now the search engines, though they are increasingly intelligent, must answer those 4 questions instantly so that they will pull up the very best 10 suggestions every time a viewer makes an inquiry. The whole process needs to be objective and fully automated. So the search engines have established objective criteria to get their answers to the four key questions above.

Is your content Relevant? 

The keywords you place on your website answer the relevance question. Are they the keywords the search engine inquirer is putting into the search engine? Are they properly placed across your website. Is the content of your entire website basically relevant to those keywords (i.e. the dog trainer site does not have pages dealing with the selection of the best restaurant in the city, or how to cook pasta or construct a solar heater.)? Are you more relevant than your competition? Are you geographically relevant to the viewer.

Is your content Valuable?

How can a mechanical search engine instantly determine whether your content is valuable? Simple. How many viewers visit your website? How long do viewers remain on your website? Do they click around to other pages before leaving? Do they click on your contact page and submit a form? How many highly credible websites across the internet link back to your website?

Is your content Original?

This one is pretty easy. The search engines have a duplicate content checker. They can instantly detect if the content on your website was copied from another site on the internet. If so, you're toast! And, they check how often your content is updated, especially your home page. If there is no evidence that the content is being regularly updated, they assume "nobody is home" at your website, and when the search engine inquirer reaches out to contact you, you might not answer. Now they've lost a search engine inquirer and along with that, the ability to sell more ads on the search engine!

Is your content Accessible?

Do your website pages operate like lightning, or does the viewer have to wait a few minutes every time they click on a link? Is the navigation easy and intuitive, causing the viewer to click around the site and get the answers to their questions? Has your domain been around for a long time, and is it registered over one year into the future? Basically, when the viewer needs information from your website or to use your business, will it be there? Have you registered your website correctly with the search engines verifying that you are the authentic owner and your business is real?

On Page Search Engine Optimization Conclusion

So, this is the common sense reasoning behind on page search engine optimization. Don't get lost in a bunch of technical rules. Stick to the reason behind the rules as you seek to attain higher placement in the search engines. Be creative and unique. And, as a result, you may be surprised at how quickly you rise in the rankings!

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by David Smith, president of Marketing Department LV